30 Days to Something Day 2!

Day 2!


It still feels deceptively easy. The same leech gave me problems again today. So I think I’m going to work on actually saying it to people, even if they don’t understand a word I’m saying. It helps me and it funny to see people a bit confused sometimes. Plus I’ll get to insert a little humble brag of how I’m practicing a new language. Something I really wouldn’t recommend doing to often because you will get in the habit of wanting validation for learning, without actually learning.

Today I’m going to start watching Diriliş Ertuğrul, I’m not sure I’f I’ll like it or now. If I don’t it’s not a big deal because I can just continue Magnificent Century.


I wasn’t able to get outside today to practice my front lever, but I did practice my L-sit and core strength, which is most of where I fail for the front lever. I can get to the position but I can’t hold it for very long because my abs are my weak link. Since I stress simplicity and effectiveness I kept it to 2 very effective exercise for core strength. Hollow body holds, and superman holds. The L-sit is also very effective for core so I trained that first so that I wouldn’t be impeded by already being fatigued.

I did 4x45sec holds for L-sit, and 3x45sec each for hollowbody and superman holds. There was a 30 second rest for each and the emphases was on form and max tension throughout.

The hollowbodies really brought me to my knees. Despite having nice looking abs and having been able to do dragon flags only months ago, I really struggled to keep my legs up. On the other side, I found superman hold very easy despite never training back alone. During the last two sets I would also kick my legs and move my arms in a swimming fashion to add more of a challenge.

I didn’t feel my chest had been trained in the last two days so I also did 3 sets of 6 reps of dips on the v of my counter tops with a 10 second flexed hold at the top. Flexed because if your arms are straight it focuses more stress on the joints, but if they are even slightly out of alignment or flexed then the muscles have to work for you not to collapse. That really ended the workout well as I took the last rep on everything to near failure and maintained tension in all areas in very exercise.

Hopefully I will see improvements in ab strength as the weeks go by. I also noticed that I still have limited flexion when stretching the hamstring which is holding back my L-sit. I’ll be using Dan Jeong’s Hamstring stretch video to help remedy this. He also sent me a video on FB to help with the problem of calf pain when stretching the hamstring.


I didn’t work on my LinkedIn a all today despite having a plan. That’s something for me to work on first thing in the morning. But, right now I’m working on making my first Craigslist post, and my emails to service providers that I want to work with.

I fell that I’m on the path to success and I’m also really  getting the hang of the knowledge for the larger startup.

And even though I’m working at a minimum wage job at the moment because I don’t have the client pipeline to sustain myself, I’m constantly learning and taking in new experiences trying to gain something new from every situation. I honestly didn’t want to take the job but then I read Financial Samurai’s Spoiled or Clueless article which changed my mind. And I saw that there were upsides to it as well. I’ll also have startup money to do the coffee meetup and for transportation for networking and meeting clients. Plus even though it’s 45+ hours a week, it’s easy.

Honestly, A Day Job Is So Much Easier Than Entrepreneurship. Once you go through the experience of having to be a self starter, make your own schedule, doing your own taxes, hiring and training sub-contractors, bring in your own clients, and deal with them without having a manger to back you up, not having to do any of those things but getting paid to get there at your scheduled time seems like your finessing the system. Yes I’m busy the whole time I’m there because I hate sitting idle and being non-productive. But time flies by and I hardly feel I’ve done anything with my day. I go home and immediately start working on answering emails and setting up meeting. As Simon from SOS says, sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do, so you can get where you want to be.

Hope this was a good read, look out for the day 3 recap tomorrow!


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