30 Days to Something Day 1 recap!

This is a update for the first day.


The 10 phrases we’re relatively easy wit the exception of one that kept giving me problems (beware the leeches). By mind cannot stop trying to convince me that it’s a trick though I must agree it’s not going to be this easy once I get into the 100+ phrases category. Or get done that quickly. I’ve also thought of using audacity to record me or someone else saying the phrases since I am trying to focus mostly on spoken communication.


I worked out pretty hard yesterday as I worked Planche and back lever. I did tucked planche holds, planche leans, skin the cats, and assisted back lever holds. I actually found that the bar that I use have a part close enough and at the right height to place my feet so I can focus on the tension for the back lever.

I also did this exercise that was like a reverse row, where I look away from the suspension stray and use straight arms to pull myself back up. It was torture on the lower bicep and forearms but it felt effective.


My LinkedIn in still in a state of disarray but I have outlined my plan for what to do with it. I have to take a professional photo, preferable during the golden hour, And reword my description and title. It’s going to be a major overhaul but it will be worth it.

Also I have moved forward very rapidly with a startup that I wanted to do sales with. I already have the independent contractor form to sigh, and I’ve already started networking with people in the industry and gaining product knowledge. It looks like a great venture and I can’t wait to get up and running with the new service. Hopefully the microstartups I’ve been talking to will get done soon also, as they’re products have a more accessible customer base and quicker sales turn around time. A week or less compared to several weeks-months. As a independent it’s good to diversify and be able to represent different services, as long as they don’t get in the way of each other. Plus with the smaller startups, if i can build a network I can then pass the referrals to a sales subcontractor I hire and split the commission with them. Thus giving me passive income. And who doesn’t love that 😀

Hope you enjoyed the read, stay tuned for the day 2 recap!


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