September Goal Month: 30 days to something

September is a great month to set goals as it has an even 30 days in it, and many goal programs work on what you can accomplish in 30 days.

Also it’s the month of my birthday so I already knew it was a great month.

This September I’m going to work towards my goals in languages, fitness, and business. Goals that I put off from earlier in the year because of my own lack of discipline. It takes time to make new things a habit, and working towards my goals everyday will be a great way to kickstart that process.

In this post I’m going to quickly go over what my goals are, while my next post will go more in depth and explain the processes that I will be using to accomplish them. It will also include resources to links that I’ll be using or taking inspiration from.

30 Days to Something Goals


Turkish is the language that I have been working on and off with. But I haven’t made much progress because of a lack of discipline. But it is a beautiful language, and once I get the digital nomad life up and running I would love to work out of Antalya. But before I go I want to be able to communicate effectively with Turkish people in their native language. One thing I’ve noticed from my studies is that I’m very bad at learning individual words even with Anki, but I learn phrases with relative ease, and I love grammar work more than learning words. Luckily for me, I learn words when I learn new phrases, and I get to pick up on grammar.

The plan is to learn 10 1-sentence phrases a day, everyday. At the end of 30 days that’s a grand total of 300 phrases, and many more words. And even if I won’t know the separate definitions of all the words in the phrases, I will be able to communicate.


I don’t focus on weight as much. The reason I wanted to gain lean muscle weight in the first place, was to be ready for 7’s season. But I moved to a place that didn’t have a 7’s team, so I lost the discipline for that also. Even though I do still want to gain weight, it’s not my main goal anymore. Now I workout to achieve movements like the Planche, Front lever, Back lever, and Muscle up. When I train for a movement I feel more motivated because I can clearly see myself doing the moves in my mind. I can’t see myself at 165, nor can I imagine how that would change me. It’s a whole year until 7’s season so I have plenty of time to gain weight, now is the time to work on strength, speed, and coordination.

I’ll also be working on my 800m time if I can find a track, as well as my tricking goals, the raiz and back tuck/arabian.


I did what was the unthinkable for myself, and I got a job. A regular run of the mill job. When I moved to the new city I moved to a place with no clients. At the same time my phone broke so I was left without. Now that I have a new phone and laptop I have the means of acquiring new clients. But that’s a process that takes time. So I got a job so that I could have money coming in, which I will then reinvest into networking and building my client list. Since I already have my food and apartment taken care of, using most of this money on networking isn’t going to be a problem.

To start off I’m going to remake my long neglected Linkedin. For those of you who aren’t fully utilizing this service, you are doing yourself a disservice to yourself. It’s a great way of networking and getting to know new people in your area who could potentially use your services. After I get that squared away, I’m going to go on Craigslist and find a service worth peddling, and a provider who I can get a good commission off of. It’s good to have multiple services and products to sell, because you never know who you might run into and what service they might need. The ones I’m looking at are..

  1. Small Business Customer Acquisition – I’ve had a lot of success with this one. The basic Idea is you provide a complete package. Website design, graphic design, promotional printing, email campaigns, etc. You’re the one stop shop for these small businesses, your services is getting them customers the most efficient way possible, and getting as many as they need.
  2. Residential/Commercial Power Washing – I haven’t done this one but looking at the numbers this could be a great way to make a nice commission. Power washing services tend to specialize in one or two type of services such as house/driveway cleaning, cars, restaurant stove hoods, commercial residential area/apartments. No matter which specialization you choose to represent there are going to be a high amount of customers. B2B will offer higher payouts but more work, while B2C will have lower payouts but will be slightly easier and there are millions of people and houses in my area.

There may be other opportunities that come along. A company has recently come to me to be a salesman for them, but it may take more than a month to get everything in place for me to start. A friend of mine also has a bit of a startup going for them. I’m not sure when they will be finished but I love their product and I would love to help them sell it no matter what the commission is.

That is the short of my goals for September 30 days of something. I’ll detail more tomorrow. I’ll post to remark on my goals everyday of the month with a recap on the first of October. And if you read this before the 1st of September, I hope you’ll join me in making some goals and seeing how far we can go together.